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Achill Island Seaweed Baths

My Grandmother collected seaweed for her own bath when she was a young woman on Achill Beg Island.  Building on this well established tradition, Achill Island Seaweed Baths have developed a new experience which welcomes their bathers to inhale the scenery, scents, sounds and spirit of Achill.  

Using seaweed harvested daily on Achill Island, you can relax in a private bath house surrounded by the scenery of Achill Island.  

Historically seaweed baths were used as a preventative treatment during the Autumn.  The Anti-Inflamatory and Anti-Viral elements naturally occurring in seaweed fortified the body against Influenza and Arthritis during the Winter months.  

Nowadays we can avail of the natural goodness of our oceans year round as we combat our toxic environment, our chemically enhanced food, our stressful lives and our cluttered minds.  

In Western Culture we are once again beginning to understand the importance of the holistic treatment of the body, mind and spirit.  

The Celtic Healing of the Ancients.  

 Relax  Revive  Reconnect 

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